Heavy Duty Digital

Arcane Industries specialise in creating software that controls and maintains the flow of data. We're a digital development agency and consultancy in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Starting and running your own business can be a minefield - we know, we've been there. Getting your digital processes scaled, automated or even just online can be a nightmare when you're doing a million other things at once. We can help you do it properly.

It's par for the course that your business generates a lot of data. Marketing and CRM info, financial transactions, analytics data - the list goes on. Our platforms capture data from multiple sources, process it according to your specific requirements and then store it in silos that allow future access and reporting whenever and however you need it.

We're based at the CampusNorth co-working space right in the centre of Newcastle and we're more than happy to talk through what we can do for you over a coffee.

Software Development

Building scalable, high-performance software is hard. Luckily for you, we've been doing it for years.



Get rid of the M in your MVP. Our platforms are designed from the outset to grow as you do and to make that process as easy as possible. Ruby and Rails are our weapons of choice.

Code specs


We use state of the art container orchestration techologies to build fluid, resiliant and simple to operate deployment pipelines for your platform. Get your content in front of your customers with the bare minimum of fuss.



Monitor the fruits of your labour, react to user activity and be constantly ready to pivot or expand your operations as your customers dictate.

Platform Operations

Things go bump in the night. We ensure that when it does, your customers don't notice.


Custom Metrics

You know the numbers that are important to your business. We create dashboards that can display your metrics in clear understandable charts that update in real-time. Search, sift and delve through your data to find new trends and insights.


Real time performance

Monitor the health of your platform in realtime. Respond to issues and demand as changes occur. Don't let the notification that you're having issues come from your customers.

Got a project in mind? Let's set something up.